Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for stopping by! The item that this
whole page is about has become the jewel of Elteko
Here are some reasons why you may want
to consider this beautiful pedal:
Entirely analog overdrive effect pedal

Warm, rich, and natural tone

Excellent timbre retention

Perfect inter-modulation handling

Soft and hard clipping selector

Drive level selector

Vacuum tube simulation

Advanced tone customization

Manually crafted and assembled

Packed in a luxury wooden box
Sound Design TM. The Zoo Drive represents everything
needed for an effect pedal to be classified as a true
boutique product of the purest breed. The quality
and functionality that it offers are quite amazing and if
you give it a chance to speak for itself, you will see that
it has many wonderful things to tell you.
Thanks again for your time and have fun
looking around,
Ilko Iliev
Founder of
Elteko Sound Design TM
Shipping and handling:
Priority International Shipping rate
for The Zoo Drive (1 pc.) to most destinations
in the world is 16 USD / 12 EUR / 10 GBP.
During the process of ordering, you will receive
more accurate shipping quotation based on
your specific location, if the rate is different
from the one mentioned above.
Delivery time:
7-12 business days after shipping, depending
on location.
Up to 20 days in rare cases, during holidays or for
some more remote destinations.

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209.00 USD / 189.00 EUR / 159.00 GBP